From the very beginning of our organization, we have set out to be much more than just a performance venue or podcast. Soul Sanctuary's mission is to uplift positive aspects of urban culture, to maintain a connection between generations of the exemplars among us who have elevated our culture to its pinnacle, and to encourage everyone to get in on the action--to share their gifts and talents with the world and keep the ball rolling.

 Maurice Sorrell (right) with entertainer Pearl Bailey and unidentified man (year unknown)

Maurice Sorrell (right) with entertainer Pearl Bailey and unidentified man (year unknown)

In that spirit, and just in time for Black Music Month 2018, Soul Sanctuary--in partnership with Penn's School of Social Policy and Practice and The Slought Foundation--presents PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY, an exhibition of the images of Maurice Sorrell, the first Black member of the White House News Photographers Association and celebrated contributor to the Washington bureau for Johnson Publications (Ebony & Jet magazines) for more than three decades. The exhibit runs from June 21 to July 21.

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Throughout the installation, Soul Sanctuary's VibeMistress Stephanie Renée will engage in Q&A sessions with notable archivists who, through their own particular medium and focus, have made significant contributions to keeping our collective cultural history alive and accessible to the public.

Complete details on the exhibit, and the schedule of guest speakers, are available at


Here's a pic featuring Mike D and Daryl Debrest of Reelblack and J Michael Harrison, along with your VibeMistress, representing for video and audio archivists. A bigger slideshow with images from the opening is immediately following this still.



We look forward to greeting you and introducing you to this important part of how Soul Sanctuary will continue to positively impact our community and educate the public on matters of cultural significance.

Now that the exhibit has concluded its initial run, we are happy to share some of the photos that visitors sent to us for our collective history project. You all have hobnobbed with some of our cultural treasures over the years and we appreciate you trusting us to pass along the memories with others.