I’m going to keep this short, because the page does the talking…


Details are posted here: https://www.gofundme.com/the-soul-sanctuary-cultural-expansion-fund



The reasons for you to support are detailed on the GoFundMe page, but the bottom line is this:

For everyone who critiques and laments when some of their favorite cultural expression somehow loses its soul when it gets picked up by a major network, a major label or other corporate support, one of the ways to avoid such a problem is to help fund your favorites yourself. That way, your preferred and beloved artists, directors, producers and so on do not have to lean on capitalist behemoths to keep their good thing going, because with that kind of support comes lots of artistic and integrity compromise.

Sometimes, not always. But it’s a persistent possibility.

If we have to add commercials to our podcasts to make them cost-effective, we change the experience of listening to our signature blend of music and consciousness straight through, uninterrupted. Having to mince our words on an important subject because we’re afraid of a sponsor pulling their cash leads to less-dynamic dialogue.

We’re here to challenge your brains, your hearts and your philanthropy. We want you off the sidelines and invested in the game.

So, again: go to https://www.gofundme.com/the-soul-sanctuary-cultural-expansion-fund

Give generously within your means, post the link to your personal social media and encourage others to give as well, make plans to come and see us and our work when you’re in Philly. Get engaged! Be vocal about your support! Your enthusiasm is contagious, and your support is vital for our continued existence and elevation as a nonprofit arts education foundation.

We’ve got big dreams for year 17. Help us get there. Take the ride.

Thank you for allowing me to persist as Your VibeMistress, and I look forward to polishing my magic wand and using it far more frequently in 2019 and beyond!


As always, wishing you plenty of love, peace and positive vibes!