Welcome to the newest Soul Sanctuary site feature, SCRIBBLES - a space where we'll let you in on some of the reminiscences of the folks who inspired the creation of Soul Sanctuary and have helped us to keep the fire lit for the past 15 years.

REMEMBER THAT TIME WHEN...will draw you into the inner sanctum of Philadelphia's arts scene and artists, as we make our way on and off stages, in and out of studios, sharing our gifts and talents with a wider audience.

For our first entry, and in honor of Black History Month, we share with you some photos from HISTORY 360, a multimedia production presented by Creator's Child Productions (CCP Ink) in Feb 1999. The show was staged as a collaboration with Venture Theater in the Independence branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia near 7th & Market Streets. CCP Ink had recently been established to highlight the work of rising stars in the city's spoken word scene, and to give professional management and legal representation to the poets gaining traction in their careers.


This one-night-only performance drew from the repertoires of each artist, weaving together a story about urban life, identity, addiction, romance and self-discovery through verse and music. Regrettably, the original video footage of the performance was stolen. But we thank Carl Childs for the still photographs that captured highlights from the evening.